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Kathryn Smith


Having never done Pilates before, I decided to give it a go at a class that Jess was running at my gym. I got the time wrong and got there for her Zumba class. Again, I had never done Zumba either, but took part. I have been attending both classes on a regular basis now for about 2 months and can honestly say that I look forward to them. Jess's style of instruction is informative and she always takes time to ensure that the body posture is correct in Pilates and her energy and enthusiasm in the Zumba class shows no bounds. I would happily recommend Jess to anyone looking for great classes.

Hannah G

Harold Wood, Essex, 11/08/2014

I've been Zumba-ing with Jess for nearly a year now and have nothing... but praise for her. Her love of the class is displayed in the enthusiasm she shows week on week. The routines are awesome, the atmosphere is contagious, I can go in miserable and come out with my happy endorphins overflowing and while still very new to it, I'm loving the insanity work outs too! Keep up the amazing work Jess, you have made a fitjess fitness lover out of me.

Nicola A

Harold Wood, Essex, 09/06/2014

I joined Fitness Fitness Harold Wood classes in the beginning of the year and have been hooked ever since!!

There's a great mixture of songs and just when you think you've got the hang of all the routines new ones are added into the mix to keep you on your toes! Not only are these classes alot of fun they are a brilliant workout too and I feel so much fitter and more toned since joining.

Everyone here is very friendly and sociable and instructor Jess is often arranging social do's for everyone to get to know each other better.

Give these local classes a try and there will be no looking back!

Gill Y

Harold Wood, Essex, 11/04/2014

Losing pounds and toning up whilst dancing and having fun, what's not to love?! I was made to feel welcome from day one and it doesn't matter what level you are. Jess is a great teacher! x

Kelly-Ann K

Harold Wood, Essex, 13/06/2014

Brilliant!!! Jess's classes are fun, friendly and an excellent work out. New members are welcomed with open arms and given full support and encouragement.

Kimberley F

Harold Wood, Essex, 06/06/2014

Jess makes exercise sooo much fun you don't even realize an hour has passed but you sure have had a good sweaty workout, much better than going to a boring gym.

Michelle K

Harold Wood, Essex, 06/06/2014

Can't quite believe how much I love coming to zumba and jessicatomkins makes it so much fun xx

Janine H

Harold Wood, Essex, 26/07/2014

My first insanity class today was excellent!! Great teacher. X

Johanna R

Harold Wood, Essex, 15/04/2014

Loving zumba jessica is a great teacher.its great fun and makes you feel good x

Lynda P

Harold Wood, Essex, 12/04/2014

Really enjoying the classes, Jessica is a fantastic Zumba dance teacher.

Jennifer B

Brentwood, Essex, 06/06/2014

Tonight's class was amazing! Such a good workout and the best fun! Fitjess you rock!!

Leia B

Brentwood, Essex, 22/08/2014

Felt so welcome on my first lesson and still feel welcome now. Jess is a great teacher gets everyone involved and the class is filled with lovely people. Would recommend this class to anyone

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