What should I wear?


For any of my fitness classes you should wear comfortable clothing that you can move freely in. You will get hot so wear something cool like a vest or tshirt and leggings or shorts. If you are a woman I suggest you invest in a good sports bra too.


In relation to trainers I would suggest a smooth soled trainer or dance sneaker for Zumba and a cross trainer for Insanity, one where the sole has grooves in different directions not just forward like in running shoes.


For Pilates you can wear socks/pilates socks or bare foot. Wear comfortable workout wear.

What should I bring?


Bring yourself, some water (although I do sell water for 50p per bottle) and a towel if you sweat lots. Bring money to pay for class and last but not least lots of energy and enthusiasm! Please bring a mat for Pilates, PiYo and Piloxing. If you don't have one you can hire one for 50p.

I am injured what should I do?


It depends on your injury. I would suggest consulting me first or your GP if a serious injury. If serious you will not be able to take part for your own saftey.


If you are pregnant I suggest you do not partake in these activities until at least 6-8 weeks after giving birth and once you have got the green light from your GP that you can partake in physical activity again. If you have just fallen pregnant and regularly exercise already then exercise will be ok and I will instruct you between trimesters 1 & 2.




How old do you have to be?


All my classes are for adults aged 16+. Any one can take part over the age of 16 and there is no upper age limit. Children over 12 can also join in if accompanied by an adult.


Are the instructors insured, qualified and first aiders?


As your instructor I am fully insured and I am also first aid qualified and always carry with me my first aid kit for medical emergencies. I am fully qualified to teach all the classes I offer and can show you any certificates upon request.


Frequently asked questions?



Do I need to pre-book classes?


The only classes you will need to book are Insanity on a Wednesday and Pilates on a Saturday. If you want to definitely confirm your space you can reserve your space by following this link. Book Here


Welcome packs


Before partaking in any class I will get you to fill out a waiver and a PAR-Q form to check you are ok to partake in the classes. Before you attend your first ever class please can you fill out this form and bring along completed to your first class to save time. If you have any concerns/questions when filling this out please drop me an email. Or you can fill one out online here.


How will I know if I will like it?


Not everyone likes the same thing. Therefore, the best way to know is to try it out for yourself! You may have been to a Zumba class before for example with a different instructor and hated it and thought that it wasn't for you. Well, every instructor is different and if you come to one of my classes you might prefer my style or way of teaching or music better and therefore actually enjoy Zumba. Same goes for my other classes you may prefer my style of teaching over some body else's, so give it a go before you dismiss the idea!


I have 2 left feet and can't dance!


Don't fret that's where I step in to help you! If you want to Zumba but hate dancing then don't worry and please put aside any ideas you already have about Zumba. You DO NOT have to be able to dance to join in with a Zumba class and it certainly doesn't matter that you have 2 left feet. My classes are easy to follow with modifications to suit where necessary. Just let the music guide you and you will leave feeling happy and energetic! You may even get addicted to the Zumba bug just like many other Zumba go-ers!


I want to try a class but am so unfit!


That's the whole point of going to a fitness class - to get fit! If you were fit you wouldn't be interested in classes! Every body needs something or someone to push them to their limits to make change happen and that's where the Live classes come in. The classes are easy to follow and have suitable modifications and progressions throughout so absolutely everyone can join in from the complete beginner couch potato to the elite marathon runner. Being in a class format means that you won't give up at the first hurdle as you will see others around you pushing themselves to go further!



I want to start exercising but haven't done anything for so long, what should I do?


All my classes are suitable for everyone, all ages, sizes and abilities. I provide modifications and progressions throughout the classes so you can take it at your own pace. If you're unsure of what class you might like then give me a call or drop me an email and we can discuss which class would best suit you.


Its best to find something you like and enjoy as you're more likely to stick with it if you enjoy it. Yes, fitness can be fun!



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